International Baccalaureate 

International Baccalaureate art diploma SS level. Please check below students assignments to successfully complete IB art portfolio. Students all work must be turned in through ManageBac.  

Sorry for the inconvenience some links are not active, they will be gradually added in the following months.  

Year 9-11

Splatter Paint

Elements of Art

Visual Art Journal

This section you must do first. Open link to power point. Here you will learn the basics of art and how to work in your Visual Art Journal. 

Meditation in Forest

Studying Nature

Visual Art Journal

Section 1.9 Learning to see nature in a new way. Please follow slides. Click image. 

Portrait of Young Man

Examining Portraits

Visual Art Journal

Section 2.9 Let's look at portraits closely. Understanding the history and use of portraiture. 

Modern Art Piece

Telling Stories

Visual Art Journal

Section 3.9 Artist as are story tellers. How art is language without words. Discover a world of symbolism. 

Madonna and Child Saints

Questioning Tradition

Visual Art Journal

Section 4.9 Making art that can change the way we see things. Questioning the tradition form of art and experimentation with the new. 

3D Faces

Playing with Space

Visual Art Journal

Section 5.9 Artwork of the wall. A better understanding of form and space. How we look at free standing objects. 

IB Diploma

Art Supplies


All requirements you need to meet

This section is quick view of the IB art portfolio. About goes over key points of the 3 major sections of IB art.

Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul

Comparative Study

PDF Format

This section is recommended  Senior year. Why? When you finish year 9-11 you will have a wider understanding in art.

Anime Sketch

Process Portfolio

PDF Format

Senior only consider doing year 9-11 if this is your first year in art. This section helps IB student organize the PP.  

Looking at Paintings


Individual Artwork 

Student will create independent studio artwork. SL 4-7 artworks and HL 8-11 artworks.