3 Dimensional Comprehension Art

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Introducing 3-D

3-dimensional comprehension 

Introduce to 3D art. 

One Point Perspective


Looking into the horizon. How to create a room and a feeling of depth. 

Value Holes and 


Creating space, depth and illusion. Understanding layering and the use of value to create a sense of depth.

Lines and Continuity


The understanding and use of line. Creating movement with line.

3D Illusion


Trick the brain into seeing something that is not there. 

Paper Art


T-shirt Costers


Get your old t-shirt out! Creating functional  art.

The Kaleidoscope 


The world of color and wonder through a pin hole.

Introduction to Clay

Everything you need to know about wet clay

What is clay? Looking at clay, components, science and more....

Organic Coil Vase

3.9-9 Life below water

Inspired by the 14 UN sustainable goal. Creating an organic coil vase.  

Un-birthday Cake


Learn what slab of clay is. This cake is a keepsakes box. Inspired by Alice and Wonderland un-birthday cake. 

Image by Martin  Courreges

Find Your Alebrijes

4.9-11 History of the Alebrije

Finding you spirit animal is very special in the Mexican culture. As seen in the Disney Movie Coco the Alebrije is a guide but also a friend. 

Abstract Architecture

The Making of a 3D Animal Mask


Here we learn how to make the mask after we choose our spirit animal.  

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