3 Dimensional Comprehension Art

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Introducing 3-D

3-dimensional comprehension 

Introduce to 3D art. 

Image by GoaShape

One Point Perspective


Looking into the horizon. How to create a room and a feeling of depth. 

Image by Chris Charles

Value Holes and 


Creating space, depth and illusion. Understanding layering and the use of value to create a sense of depth.

Image by Brian Stalter

Lines and Continuity


The understanding and use of line. Creating movement with line.

Sand Dunes

3D Illusion


Trick the brain into seeing something that is not there. 

Abstract Shape

Paper Art


Weaving Pattern

T-shirt Costers


Get your old t-shirt out! Creating functional  art.

Image by Frida Aguilar Estrada

The Kaleidoscope 


The world of color and wonder through a pin hole.

Raw Clay

Introduction to Clay

Everything you need to know about wet clay

What is clay? Looking at clay, components, science and more....

Image by Anne Nygård

Organic Coil Vase

3.9-9 Life below water

Inspired by the 14 UN sustainable goal. Creating an organic coil vase.  

Rainbow Cake

Un-birthday Cake


Learn what slab of clay is. This cake is a keepsakes box. Inspired by Alice and Wonderland un-birthday cake. 

Image by Martin  Courreges

Find Your Alebrijes

4.9-11 History of the Alebrije

Finding you spirit animal is very special in the Mexican culture. As seen in the Disney Movie Coco the Alebrije is a guide but also a friend. 

Abstract Architecture

The Making of a 3D Animal Mask


Here we learn how to make the mask after we choose our spirit animal.