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The Louvre

No passport needed to take a virtual tour in this world famous museum in Paris, France 🇫🇷 . The Louvre offering virtual tours. Take advantage of this wonderful experience.  

Student Art Guide

Students can discover ideas and guide for portfolios. Inspiration from other students around the world.  


Musuem of Modern Art, New York 

The Learning Lab

Powered by the Smithsonian the learning lab provides free images and research. Great place to get images for power points and art resources.    

Google Art and Culture

Discover art in one of the most virtual ways possible. You will get the opportunity to see artwork in real time from your own living room. 

The Art Story

This is great for research of art and movements. Discover a large selection of artist and timelines. This is a great source for research.  

United Nations

17 sustainable goals to make the world a better place. This source is great to get inspired for art making. Look at these goals to make connections and inspire others with your work. Be a leader and let your art have a voice.  

National Gallery of Art

I have to say no more. You need information on art look no further. Free images and collections are gathered here to inspire you and teach you our long history in art. Take a look at thier amazing virtual tours. 

Museum of Disability History  

This website offers insights of people with disabilities. Like the museum states they are “bricks and moter” museum in the United  States. Located Buffalo, New York this museum offers knowledge of the very special of men and woman. 

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